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About Us

About Us

Young, but Experienced

We are a group of ambitious young talents, determined to transform the world through our usage of modern technologies

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Web/Mobile Apps

From an idea to the final product, we got it all covered. Whatever your preferred style of participation, we always find a way to meet and go beyond our client's expectations. We can hold hands throughout the process, or we can have concentrated meetings at the beginning and develop the product iteratively through regular meetups.

We pride ourselves on our rapid development cycle. We never comprimise quality though - the secret is to have every talent we need in-house. With the advent of technology, more and more agencies are depending on staffs or freelancers across the globe. Aside from the quality considerations, where team members struggle to be on the same page, turnover rate is also a critial statistic. While others may take days to get hold of their contractors, we have all our talents whenever we need them.

Because of the range of talents we've got, the range of Apps we provide is literally boundless. Whether you need a static portfolio or business webpage to showoff, an iOS or Android app with limitless possibilities, an Ebay style marketplace, or even better, a comprehensive suite of all of the above linked together, we will deliver.

Being a flexible team, there is no project too big or too small, and you can work with us however you like - whether you come to us with an idea, or a completed design that needs to be brought to life, we will walk you through all the steps that leads you to the final product.

Data Analytics

We have a team of nerdy programmers, and a bunch of math gurus. We not only build fancy-looking web and mobile apps, we also build robust backend services to support the apps. In addition, upon request, we also deliver standalone scripts that make uses of the most cutting-edge techniques.

Be it Machine Learning algorithms running behind a trading bot, or a Natural Language Processing engine that analyzes enourmous data sets online, if you have an idea that needs to be executed, we will work with you to refine your idea, deliver the product, and stand behind our product with full support.

The reason we believe having people who actually understand the complex models on our development team is that, in the end, the core value and competitive advantage of a new product more likely then not, depends largely on the robustness and effectiveness of the backend algorithms. We can make the user interface more than appealing (which we definitely do!), but at the end of the day, what shows up on the screen, be it investment advisement, or music/food recommendations, has to be of value. And for us, having this team of experts ensures the quality of our data analytics performance, which in turn, perfects your idea and product!

Tech Consulting

We believe honing the power of modern technology is no longer an advantage or a step ahead, but has become an indispensible aspect of each and every business just to keep up with the competition. No matter how gigantic or how small your business is, we are here to provide you with crucial insights to one up your game.

We provide a comprehensive consulting support to businesses of all sizes, but with a special focus on early stage start-ups. Having been a startup ourselves, we know exactly how cost-effective consulting is to you. After all, when you are bootstraping every aspect of your business development, why should you spend extra money on consulting? Putting together our collective experiences with all past clients, we have developed a trusted process tailored to start-up firms, helping them make the best decisions on each step of their journey, making sure every buck is spent at the right place. In terms of economics jargon, we help you direct your fund to where the marginal benefit is the largest.

We are a one-stop solution that will guide your startup and small business to grow in a healthy and steady direction. As we've said, whether you just have an idea, a prototype, already gaining traction, or been stuck in a plateau for a while, we will help you jump start, or rekindle the growth, with our little, magical touch of technology.


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Our Works

Our Works


What they say

"... excellent to work with. He was very skillful and built my website just the way I needed it, with excellent communication and accurate billing all the way."

Nov 2018, Cloudbase Database Project

"... very helpful and knowledgeable. Paid attention to details and communicated clearly. Will use again in the future."

Sep 2018, Django Model Design Project

"It was great working with Micheal. Looking forward to working with him soon."

Jun 2018, Sathu Tr

"Amazing work! Can't wait to work with Michael again soon!"

Apr 2018, Launchpeers

"Great to work with, very knowledgable of the platform, communicated issues in a timely matter. Solved all the problems quickly and correctly."

Apr 2018, Rody

"Michael has been great to work with. He understand the projects and goes beyond the scope to ensure you have what you need. I highly recommend hiring him."

Feb 2018, Paul Costa


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get in touch

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AI - BuyBit

At the wake of the crypto frenzy, clients came to us with an idea to apply Artificial Intelligence and algorithmic trading to this world full of excitement. Recognizing the tremendous influence human psycology has on the world of cryptocurrency values, we incorporated multi-channel social media feed into our meta data analysis. Set up in the cloud, the trading algorithm is always keeping an eye on opportunities to make a beneficial trade. Preliminary feedbacks from our client is very optimistic.


We envision a world where physical distance no longer obstruct availability of consumer goods, and hence we proudly bring to you our online marketplace:

You are in China but you want that limited edition baseball cap sold only in the U.S.? No problem; place your request and let some travelers bring them to you.

Going on a trip with extra baggage space to spare? No problem; browse the list of requested goods, bid to be the delivery person, and earn some extra cash to pay for your trip!

With sophisticated programs to monitor transactions and multi-layer safeguard to verify users identification, we aim to build trust among our customers. International transactions have been well known for their susceptibility to frauds, and we are here to help.

Self.Made Inc

"Self.made is a platform for startups and entrepreneurs with ideological and visionary business ideas. Many times a start-up doesn't have a product or service ready for the general public and often the cost of presenting your idea in a way that stands our can be expensive. Startups on Self.made can record and submit 1-2 min pitches that are liked and shared within the app. Self.made then sponsors the top performing entrepreneurs high quality products associated with their idea that we market to an extended network, online and in real life."

Our involvment with this project is on the backend programming. Our client was experiencing trouble from their legacy backend engine, and have summoned us into rescue. After painstakingly going through the original code set provided to us, we've pin-pointed exactly where needs to be changed, and provided an efficient and cost-effective fix for our client. From initial contact to delivery of the updated codes, it took us no more than 3 days. Finding the most efficient solution saves you time, and saves you money.

Quantopian Scripts

There is no job too big or too small for us. Numerous clients have come to us for help with Quantopian projects - some with a vague idea of how they would like to execute trading strategies, others with a comprehensive strategy laid out in Excel but needed our help translating them to Quantopian codes.

We work with the clients' need in mind, and at the end of the day, we pride ourselves on making the clients happy, and going beyond their expectations. As one recent client puts it: " ... has been great to work with. They understand the projects and goes beyond the scope to ensure you have what you need. I highly recommend them!"

Xinia Studios

XINIA Studios is a curated jewelry boutique founded on Fall 2019, whose goal is to provide modern women affordable, trendy and unique jewelry.


Integrated, multi-user project management increases efficiency, saves money, and makes reselling easier. From where you got the product, how much it costed, how many of the item you have, to all the varieties you have in stock - Never lose track of your inventory again.

Import sales reports from popular platforms, and have our algorithm analyze the aggregated data for you. What type of products should I sell more, or less? What type of products should I prioritize on each selling platforms? Resell sensibly, with ReSensibly.